We are a Nutraceutical Company fully dedicated to providing the wide range of healthcare products in Pakistan. With our growth and experience in the health & wellness industry, we will keep adding the best quality health supplements from around the globe in the market. 

We also provide a simple shopping solution for our customers to purchase Vivioptal & Evervital family of vitamins through a customer-friendly e-commerce website.

Our mission is to be the leader in the natural healthcare industry by providing only, the result-oriented products with the highest quality raw material and scientifically validated ingredients for a healthy lifestyle regimen.

 Vivioptal and its full range is now officially available in Pakistan. We are Marketing/Distributing in Pakistan on behalf of M/S Alpha Labs Pk who is an exclusive agent of M/S Bomuca Intl Corp, USA(the legitimate owner of Vivioptal brand world over).Scan the QR code to verify its authenticity before purchase.
Our full line of products is available in supermarkets and pharmacy chain stores throughout the country.